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Text Box: Tints and Coatings

Whether itís for fashion or comfort, the range of tints and coatings are endless...

Anti Reflection Coating


With an anti reflection coating:


 Glare at night from headlamps and street lamps will be much reduced.

 Your lenses will look much clearer and nicer as reflections off the lens surfaces are reduced.

 Youíll see more clearly as the lens transmits more light through it.

 Thereíll be no annoying reflections off the back of your lenses.




Tints come in three main types:


 Solid tint - the lens is the same colour and depth from top to bottom

 Graduated tint - these are single colours which are darker at the top and gradually fade down towards the bottom

 Two/three colour graduated - starts off one colour at the top but gradually fades into different colours towards the middle and bottom




Photochromic lenses darken automatically in the sun.

The benefits they offer include:


 Convenience - no need to carry around a separate pair of sunglasses

 100% protection from UV rays

 Comfort due to the glare reduction


How do they work?


Embedded on how much light there is, On a bright sunny day they can go as dark as regular sunglasses. Depending on the brand, the lenses will cut out up to 85% if visible direct light.


How fast do they darken?


This varies according to different manufacturers brands. On average, on a bright day they will fully darken within 90 seconds.


Do they darken indoors?


No, inside the lenses are virtually clear. Darkening is only triggered by UV light (i.e. by the sun) not normal indoor lighting.


Are Photochromic Lenses the same as Transitions or Reactolite Lenses?


Yes, Transitions and Reactolite are just brand names.