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Your Sight Test Explained

Our eye examinations are carried out by one of our fully qualified Optometrists, It usually takes about 30 minutes for a full examination.

The examination usually consists of the following elements:

History and Symptoms

The Optometrist will ask why you are having your eyes  examined. For example, is it a routine check up, are you  experiencing problems, do you have any particular concerns?

If you are experiencing problems with your eyes or vision, the Optometrist will want to know what the symptoms are, how long you have had them and whether they started    suddenly or gradually.

Information about your general health is then taken, and you will be asked about your medical history. This is very useful as some eye conditions can be linked to medical problems i.e. diabetes.

Details of any medications you take are also useful. The Optometrist will ask about any previous eye history, for example, previous eye injuries or  treatment. You will also be asked about any family history of eye disease as some eye conditions, such as glaucoma, can run in families.

Information about whether you drive, use a VDU and any sports or hobbies you enjoy, helps build up a clear picture of your lifestyle and this lets us assess your individual visual requirements.

Eye Health

Your eyes will be examined both internally and  externally to ensure they are healthy. This may also indentify underlying health problems. Additional tests depend on the individual patient, but may   include measuring eye pressure and visual fields.

The Optometrist may feel it is appropriate to put drops in the eyes to dilate the pupils so the back of the eye can be examined in detail. This does sting briefly, but is not painful. If you have any questions or concerns about your eye health, the Optometrist will be pleased to answer them.


Your vision will be measured both with and without spectacles, to check for any problems with your sight. We work out your prescription by asking you to choose between a series of different trial lenses, to see which ones make the letters on a test chart appear clearest.

Eye Muscle Coordination

Eye movements and coordination are checked to ensure both eyes are working well together and that undue stress is not being placed on  the eye muscles. A lack of good muscle balance can lead to eyestrain and blurred vision after concentrated tasks.

Pressure Test

This is used to detect signs of the eye disease glaucoma. This test feels a little strange, but it is not painful!

Visual Field Test

This test checks how wide a field of vision you have. This can detect signs of glaucoma, plus other diseases such as tumours. With modern equipment you look into a field screening  machine and click a button to register that you have seen coloured lights at different points around your visual field. The results are plotted out and the Optometrist will then analyse them.

After the Eye Examination

The Optometrist will have a good idea of the standard of your vision, the health of your eyes and any individual requirements you may have. You will be told whether spectacles are required and what to use them for.

You will be advised when the Optometrist would like to see you for your next examination, and will be given a copy of your prescription if you need one. If new spectacles are required, you will then see the Dispensing Optician, They will advise you on frame selection and discuss the most appropriate lens type for your lifestyle, before taking measurements and fitting your new spectacles for you. You will then be given an estimate of the time required to make your spectacles before ordering. (Please note that at the time of ordering your spectacles we require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total cost)

When your spectacles are ready for collection you will receive a telephone call advising you of this, the full balance will need to be paid on collection.

We will send you a reminder when you are next due for an eye examination, but if any problems occur before then, please feel free to book an earlier appointment.